Ashlee Simpson

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Ashlee Simpson Boyfriends List (Dating History)

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Ashlee Simpson

News - Ashlee Simpson Boyfriends List (Dating History), Ashlee Simpson is an American celebrity who is not only a famous singer but also an actress. Furthermore, she is known to have her own reality show, The Ashlee Simpson Show, about the process of writing, recording an album and her life outside of work. As for her private life, this is what we know about all of her boyfriends.
Josh Henderson
Ashlee’s first real boyfriend was Josh Henderson who also appeared as her partner on her reality show. Their love didn’t last long, but they were perfect for each other during that period.
Carson Daly
The relationship between Simpson and Total Request Live’s host Carson Daly was never confirmed. But they were rumored to have a fling.
Gregory Smith
The same year, the singer was romantically linked with Canadian actor, writer, and director Gregory Smith. He starred in Xenon: Girl of the 21st Century and Harriet the Spy.
Nick Carter
There was a rumor that Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter cheated on his then-girlfriend Paris Hilton with Ashlee. It’s not known whether it’s true or not.
Ryan Phillippe
Ashley and Ryan were spotted hanging out at a nightclub together. They were flirting with each other. But then no one was speaking about the two.
Tyler Hoechlin
Simpson met actor Tyler Hoechlin on the set of 7th Heaven. Their romance lasted only several months while the movie was filming.
Ryan Cabrera
2004 – 2005
Ashlee and Ryan were very close friends until once she dared to kiss him. Later, she appeared in his On the Way Down music video. Even after their breakup, Cabrera stayed a very important person in her life.
Wilmer Valderrama
Simpson and Valderrama were a very high-profile couple. She started her relationship with him straight after he broke up with Lindsay Lohan. So, their romance was followed almost by everyone at that time. Apparently, Ashlee’s song Boyfriend is about that whole situation.
Braxton Olita
2005 – 2006
Ashlee’s band's guitarist Braxton became her next boyfriend. As for the reason for their split, supposedly, Olita was against Simpson’s plastic surgery.
Pete Wentz
2006 – 2011
Two years after starting their relationship, Simpson and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz got married. Ashley settled down and became a wife and a mother to a boy named Bronx Mowgli, who saw the light in the fall of 2008. However, their happy life was not very long and three years later the two called it quits.
Vincent Piazza
2011 – 2012
After her divorce, Ashley dated Boardwalk Empire’s Vincent Piazza for about a year.
Evan Ross
2013 – present time
Evan, Diana Ross' son, became one and only for Ashley! The two got engaged very soon after they started dating and tied the knot in the summer of 2014. Their daughter Jagger Snow was born in July 2015. And in October 2020, the happy couple welcomed a boy, who was named Ziggy Blu.
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