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Jennifer Lopez Boyfriends List (Dating History)

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Jennifer Lopez

News - Jennifer Lopez Boyfriends List (Dating History), Jennifer Lopez demonstrated to the whole world how a girl from a simple Puerto Rican family, through perseverance, hard work, and an unbending belief in herself, can become the most desired woman on the planet. Jennifer's personal life is no less bright than her career. Who is on her love list? Let’s see.
David Cruz
They became a couple when Jeniffer was 15 years old, and the two were high school sweethearts. After almost 10 years of being together they called it quits when her career began to rise. David died in March 2020 from heart disease.
Chris Paciello
Jennifer briefly dated a man with criminal connections Chris Paciello. He was charged with a federal crime as a getaway driver in a murder case and served 7 years behind bars for his part in the crime.
Ojani Noa
For the first time, Jennifer got married in 1997. Her spouse was Cuban waiter Ojani Noa. Their marriage was short-lived, and the couple broke up a year later. But the guy was not averse to cash in on the popularity of his ex-wife and in 2006 tried to publish a book about their relationship.
Puff Daddy
A year after the divorce, Jen began a romantic relationship with Puff Daddy. The famous singer and producer helped her begin a solo career. But due to the explosive nature of the rapper and his talent to get involved in criminal stories, the couple split soon.
Chris Judd
A back-up dancer in Jennifer’s music video Love Don't Cost A Thing became her next love interest. The couple tied the knot in 2001, but after some time everything ended. Lopez left Chris for Ben Affleck, paying her ex-husband $15 million as a compensation.
Ben Affleck
J.Lo and a famous actor fell in love on the set of Gigli. Less than a year later, they got engaged. The couple was affectionately called "Bennifer" and immediately won the love of fans. However, their story was not destined to be long and they called off their wedding in 2004. As Ben stated later, he and Jennifer remain good friends.
Marc Anthony
Lopez and Anthony were husband and wife for 7 years before they divorced in 2011. They have two children, Maximilian and Emme. Later, J.Lo admitted that for many years she could not get pregnant, therefore she was already desperate to become a mother. She perceived the birth of children as a gift from above. However, their marriage did not bring the singer happiness, and she decided to move on without Marc.
Casper Smart
During court proceedings regarding her divorce with Anthony, the singer again fell in love with one of her dancers - Casper Smart who was 18 years younger than she. They dated for several years.
Jen and Drake were working on a song and were hanging out together a lot at that time. So, it was rumored that they had an affair. But Lopez didn’t confirm it.
Alex Rodriguez
2017- present day
It seems like Lopez has found The One, former baseball player Alex Rodriguez. For some time, lovers tried to hide their relationship, but in the spring of 2018, they got officially engaged. They are still together, besides, Jennifer does not get tired of declaring love to her chosen one and does it openly. In her interviews, the singer often explains that she shares the same views on life, parenting, and career with Rodriguez.
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