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Louis Tomlinson Girlfriends List (Dating History)

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Louis Tomlinson

News - Louis Tomlinson Girlfriends List (Dating History), By the age of 29, singer Louis Tomlinson has become one of the most famous in the world. When he was on The X-Factor, Tomlinson with other young performers created One Direction, which won the hearts of girls all over the world. What about the singer’s personal life? Let’s have a closer look!
Bethaney Larkman
Larkman was Tomlinson’s first girlfriend. They were a couple for about two years and remained good friends after the breakup.
Hanna Walker
Louis and Hanna attended Hall Cross Academy together. Their relationship started just before he began competing on The X Factor. We all learned about their separation after the announcement that he decided to focus on his career and recording his debut album in the summer of 2011.
Eleanor Calder
Louis and Eleanor got acquainted thanks to their common friend, Harry Styles, in the summer of 2011, but officially the two stated about their relationship only in the fall. The couple was very happy and it seemed that their love would last forever. However, after 4 years of a tender relationship, they broke up. It became known after Louis was seen kissing another girl in March 2015.
Lucy Julian
It was Lucy whom Tomlinson was kissing after splitting from Eleanor Calder. Their romance was very short-lived and everybody stopped talking about it pretty soon.
Briana Jungwirth
In the summer, there was sensational news that one of Louis Tomlinson's former girlfriends, Briana Jungwirth, whom he had a short affair with that spring, was expecting a child from him. The rumor was confirmed by the singer. In January 2016, Briana gave birth to a boy. He was named Freddie Reign Tomlinson. Louis did not disclaim responsibility and pays attention to his son. A lot of touching photos of the singer with the baby often appear in the media.
Tamara Bell
Their relationship was never confirmed. The two were only seen together at Glastonbury Festival. Tamara knew Louis for many years, so it will remain a mystery whether they were just friends or something more romantic flashed between them.
Danielle Campbell
Starting from the fall, Louis and Danielle began to spend a lot of time together and were often captured by paparazzi. Their relationship was very passionate, but it all ended after rather sad events in the family of Louis happened. His mother died in the fall of 2016. The couple spent Christmas Eve and Louis’ birthday with his family and it was their last holiday together.
Eleanor Calder
2017- present time
Probably, old feelings woke up again and the two decided to reconcile. In January 2020, there even were rumors about their engagement. But neither Louis nor Eleanor confirmed it.
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