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Lindsay Lohan Boyfriends List (Dating History)

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Lindsay Lohan

News - Lindsay Lohan Boyfriends List (Dating History), Lindsay Lohan is a famous American model, movie star, singer and designer. But her name is often associated with a lot of scandals she very often got into in the past, delighting the paparazzi thirsty for sensations. The personal life of the actress is no less bright. Let's take a look at her most famous loves and hookups.
Aaron Carter
It was a real love triangle between Lindsay, pop heartthrob Aaron Carter and Disney star Hilary Duff. For about a year Carter went back and forth between dating the two teen stars. But as a result he decided to choose Duff.
Wilmer Valderrama
When the Parent Trap star began dating Valderrama, she was 18 and the young man was 24. Their story lasted about a year and then they called it quits. Later, Lohan admitted that it was a very sad period in her life.
Jared Leto
During the filming of the drama Chapter 27, Lindsay met Jared Leto. Great passion quickly broke out between them, but it quickly ended. The red-haired beauty switched to the next guy.
Stavros Niarchos
It was rumored that Greek shipping heir Stavros became the reason for the war between Lindsay and Paris Hilton, as Hilton also had a romantic relationship with him.
Harry Morton
When the actress was celebrating her 20th birthday, she got acquainted with the son of Hard Rock Café co-founder, Harry Morton. The couple spent that summer together, but when the fall came their romance was over. A riotous lifestyle and vicious addictions very soon made him turn away from her.
Samantha Ronson
2008- 2009
After Lohan went through rehab, she started a new romance. That time it was with a lady. Lindsay and singer Samantha Ronson were in an on-and-off relationship for a year. The two remained friends after their split.
Matt Nordgren
Straight after Lohan and NFL alum Matt Nordgren’s relationship made headlines, they broke up due to their work schedules.
Nico Tortorella
Neither Lindsay nor the Younger star Nico Tortorella confirmed their relationship. However, they were supposedly together for two years and Nico even proposed to her. Even though he gave her a ring, it seemed to be just a joke.
Egor Tarabasov
Russian businessman and heir to a business empire Egor was the man who Lindsay got engaged to and who got the stamp of approval from Lohan’s mom. Their relationship was very bright, but some time later Lindsay accused him of cheating and assaults. So, everything ended between them quite soon.
Mohammed bin Salman
It was rumored that during that summer Lohan was dating Saudi Arabian crown prince Mohammad bin Salman. They were seen together only once, but he presumably gave the actress a lot of presents and there was some kind of romance.
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