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Boyfriends Britney Spears Has Dated | Timeline

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Britney Spears

News - Boyfriends Britney Spears Has Dated | Timeline, Britney Spears is an absolute idol in the music industry. She became famous for playing with people’s hearts, but what is reality? Let’s check it out!
Justin Timberlake
1999 – 2002
Currently, both of them are happy family persons, but once they were closely connected. They met on The Mickey Mouse Club. The split up was totally heartbreaking for both partners. Reportedly, the reason for it was Britney’s cheating on her ex with Wade Robson, her choreographer.
Fred Durst
This singer’s ex-partner is a talented vocalist. The celebrity is more recognized as the Limp Bizkit frontman. The musician is claimed to be dating Britney in 2003.
Jared Leto
The couple is rumored to have a fling in 2003.
Columbus Short
Columbus used to work as the star’s back-up dancer. Since they spent a lot of time together, this helped them find common ground.
Jason Alexander
January, 2004
They grew up together in Kentwood. Being good friends, the two decided to have fun in Las Vegas. On New Year in 2004, Jason and Britney became a husband and a wife. However, the couple was married for fifty-five hours only.
Kevin Federline
September, 2004 – July, 2007
The couple has been married for three years. The happiest thing, happened to the singer during this time, was the birth of two beloved sons.
J. R. Rotem
In this case, the songwriter was the initiator of dating-rumors: he spoke about their intimate relationship publicly.
Isaac Cohen
The couple dated briefly. Their split up was rather amicable.
Howie Day
The stars were spotted together several times, so there is nothing weird the public started thinking about their romance. The one thing is known for sure though: these two had a couple of dates.
Criss Angel
A famous illusionist and magician, he is claimed to help Britney with one of her projects.
Adnan Ghalib
2007 – 2009
Adnan was “following” Britney as a paparazzi member. As a result, they were dating for around two years.
Jason Trawick
2009 – 2013
Mr. Trawick was the star’s agent. The couple was even engaged, but something went wrong, and they broke up.
David Lucado
2013 – 2014
This ex-boyfriend is a bartender. Britney discovered he was a cheater, so she dumped him.
Charlie Ebersol
November, 2014 – 2015
A film producer and a singer — they were together for around a year.
Sam Asghari
Late 2016 – present time
The current partner of celebrity appeared in the music video to her “Slumber Party” hit. The public considers Sam the hottest Britney’s boyfriend.

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