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Rihanna Boyfriends List (Dating History)

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The Barbados Babe, Riri, Nana, Ree, Princess of R&B — Rihanna is beloved by her fan audience all around the globe. So far, the star has been linked to numerous famous men, but who are her real ex-boyfriends? Let’s check it out!

Shia LaBeouf
The couple was rumored to be partners in 2007. Even though the actor confirmed they tried to be together, it never was something more than one date only. So, Rihanna and Shia became good friends.

Chris Brown
2008 – 2009, 2012
One of the most famous love stories of the star is connected with another famous singer — Chris Brown. To note, they were considered to be on the top of the list of the hottest couples in the music industry. Unfortunately, their love story was far from a happy ending. In 2009, the world found out a terrifying truth, Chris abused his girlfriend physically and was arrested for that. On the internet, you can still find photos of Rihanna where injuries on her body are seen.
The couple tried to reunite in 2012, but they failed. Despite their sad experience, Chris and Rihanna managed to save common ground and stayed friends.

Matt Kemp
2009 – 2010
The singer’s next boyfriend was Matt Kemp. They were definitely happy together — no dramas or abuses. However, as the Caribbean Queen mentioned later in interviews, she desired to find other things to be passionate about apart from love itself. No matter what, their relationship was a good experience for both partners.

Travis Scott
2015 – 2016
The relationship between Riri and Travis Scott turned out to be more professional than romantic. The couple was spotted spending time together and kissing, but they dated for about a month. In 2016 though, the stars went on Rihanna's tour together. That is an obvious sign these two remained good companions when not friends.

2009, 2016
There are numerous rumors concerning the romantic relationship of the singers. For years, mass media informed the audience about Drake and Riri hanging out together. Neither of them even confirmed they were dating. However, the situation changed in 2013 on the Ellen Show, when the rapper told fans he and Rihanna had their short love story. Reportedly, the couple broke up in autumn of 2016.

Hassan Jameel
2016 – 2020
For over three years, Rihanna has been dating a businessman from Saudi Arabia. The story of their first meeting is unknown, but the couple was often spotted hanging out together. For a pretty long time, the name of her boyfriend remained a mystery. According to sources, the couple split up at the beginning of 2020.

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