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Rita Ora Boyfriends List (Dating History)

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Rita Ora

News - Rita Ora Boyfriends List (Dating History), Rita Ora is a singer who is a vivid example of how a simple girl, thanks to her talent, perseverance and hard work, was able to achieve fantastic success in show business, cinema and fashion industry and by the age of thirty to build a dizzying career. Rita's personal life is as bright as her work and career. Let’s take a closer look!
Jay Z
It was rumored that Rita Ora had an intimate relationship with married rapper Jay-Z. She was his new artist at that time.
Bruno Mars
It was love at first sight. Bruno and Rita met before either of them became famous. The couple ended their romance two years later and stayed close friends.
Rob Kardashian
In the fall of the same year, the singer started dating the brother of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, Rob. It was interesting that when the two broke up, Rita stated that she never considered him her boyfriend. Rob, in turn, posted abusive messages online alleging that Rita had slept with other men behind his back.
A$AP Rocky
Straight after her affair with Kardashian, Rita had a fling with rapper A$AP Rocky. The fact that there was something between them became known only a year later thanks to her song Better Things.
Also, that year Ora supposedly had a brief affair with Drake, who wrote her hit single RIP.
Evan Ross
The singer was seen kissing Evan Ross, the son of Diana Ross, at a party in January. However, perhaps it was only once.
Calvin Harris
After a year of being officially single, Rita started her high-profile relationship with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris. The two were in love until next summer, but then they called it quits. The relationship ended badly, with Calvin forbidding Rita to use songs he had produced on her forthcoming album. Four years later, Ora described him as one of the best men in her life.
Ricky Hil
2014 - 2015
Tommy Hilfiger’s son Ricky became the Your Song hitmaker’s next boyfriend. They met at a house party through mutual friends. However, their love didn’t last long and soon she drew attention to another guy.
Chris Brown
Neither Rita nor Chris confirmed their relationship, but the performance of their duet Body On Me led to rumors that the pair was more than just colleagues.
Lewis Hamilton
Rita and British Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton were rumored to be linking up.
Andrew Watt
We all knew about the relationship of the couple only in the fall of 2017, when Rita and musician Andrew Watt were dating for a year already. But in October 2018 the two broke up.
Andrew Garfield
After Watt, Ora was romantically linked to actor Andrew Garfield.
Joey Essex
Ora and Essex were seen spending time together in the spring. But the television personality revealed that they were just friends. Who knows!
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