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Nicki Minaj Boyfriends List: Ex & Now

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Nicki Minaj

News - Nicki Minaj Boyfriends List: Ex & Now, Nicki Minaj is a world-known rapper whose hits are conquering the hearts of millions of fans. But who has won the singer’s heart? Let’s check it out!

Safaree Samuels
2000 – 2014
Their relationship turned out to be far from what we can call a happy ending. Unfortunately, when the two broke up, they started slinging mud at each other. Safaree accused his ex of physically assaulting him, while she blamed her former lover for being a liar and robber. As Nicki told, once he stole her credit card and used the funds on his purposes. Mr. Samuels’s accusation wasn’t less serious: on Twitter, the star informed the audience that the singer cut him almost to death so that he even had to tell the police and ambulance that had been a suicide endeavor.

Meek Meek
April, 2015 – January, 2017
Fortunately, the bad experience didn’t make Nicki too suspicious to men, so her next relations were pretty successful. Even though the reason for their split up is unknown, they managed to save friendship between them. The couple was sweet, posting similar photos and pictures on Instagram. There was even a post where Nicki received a beautiful ring from her ex, so that added a lot to engagement-rumors. However, just two weeks later that post was made, the singer tweeted she was single again.

2017 – January, 2018
The couple has never made official confirmation on their relationship status. However, they gave a lot of different signs and hints to the public, showing their true feelings. Once, when the singer was asked about her dating with Nas on The Ellen Show, she simply told the audience they were sleepovers.

Kenneth Petty
October, 2018 – present time
Nicki The Ninja is officially hitched: she is married to Kenneth Petty. Unfortunately, his criminal past is one of the reasons why their relationships are so much spoken about. According to US reports, the current celebrity’s husband attempted to rape a teenage girl, using a cutting instrument. This happened back in 1994, and Kenneth was sentenced to spend months in a state prison.
Nowadays, the couple is enjoying their family life, paying no attention to rumors and gossip. Keep going!

Besides, Nicki Minaj was rumored to have relationships with Drake and Eminem. However, unlike the case with Rap God, with whom her “love” was just on the scene, Nicki and Drake had a mutual crush on each other. Even though they have never confirmed they were dating, the couple was sincere when expressing hot feelings.

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