Sabrina Carpenter

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Sabrina Carpenter Boyfriends List: Dating History

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Sabrina Carpenter

News - Sabrina Carpenter Boyfriends List: Dating History, Do you know who Sabrina Carpenter is linked up with now? And who are the lucky men she was romantically involved with in the past? Let’s have a look at her dating history to know more about the American singer and actress’ love life.

Bradley Steven Perry
May 2014 – August 2015

He is a talented movie star, who is known for his parts in Good Luck Charlie, Mighty Med, Lab Rats: Elite Force and others. The two love birds began dating in 2014 and were called one of the most romantic pairs ever. In addition to that, millions of fans considered them to be a really hot couple. However, after a year of dating, both of them went silent. They stopped posting mutual pictures on social media, they were not seen together anywhere and finally, they stopped being vocal about their feelings. As it turned out, they went separate ways but remained close and supportive of each other.

Amir Mitchell-Townes
September 2015

Amir who is more known by the stage name AMIRacle is a remarkable rapper and movie star. He rose to stardom thanks to a role in a sitcom Girl Meets World, where Sabrina also took part. In addition, he collaborates with many other celebrities, creating and releasing music.
He was rumored to be linked up with the famous singer in 2015, when they started posting mutual pictures on social media, including Instagram, where they have millions of followers. Then he appeared in Sabrina’s music video Hold Tight, which only proved their feelings for each other. However, despite all speculations that were going around these two artists, it turned out that they were just friends. And even though they demonstrated certain chemistry both on and off camera, it was nothing more than friendship.

Corey Fogelmanis
2015 – 2019

He is a multi-talented person, who deals with sports, photography, acting and dancing. Lots of speculations about their relationship emerged when they began featuring in the Girl Meets World. According to many publications, they were a real deal but just preferred to hide their feelings from the public eye as well as fans.
On the one hand, these two love birds shared cute videos of them being together and in one of the Instagram posts, Corey even wrote that he loved Sabrina. On the other hand, they later stated there was absolutely no love affair. The actress confirmed that they simply supported each other and had been the best friends. She also added that the closeness between them that was seen by millions of people was nothing more than a natural way of behaving between two people, who share a tight bond.

Griffin Gluck
Summer 2019 till present

He is an actor who met Sabrina on-set of Netflix‘s Tall Girl. In March 2020 they posed together at the premiere of Griffin's new movie Big Time Adolescence.

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