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Demi Lovato Boyfriends List (Dating History)

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Demi Lovato

News - Demi Lovato Boyfriends List (Dating History), Demi Lovato is a girl with multifaceted talent. She bravely endured a difficult period of youth and overcame a severe psychological illness. She actively starred in popular TV shows and movies and also confidently built a musical career. Now, let’s have a closer look at Lovato’s personal life.
Cody Linley
When both Lovato and Linley began their careers in Hollywood, they started dating. However, it was short-lived and soon Demi was already seen with another guy.
Trace Cyrus
Lovato got acquainted with the former Metro Station guitarist thanks to his famous sister Miley Cyrus. A few months later, their romance ended due to different work schedules.
Joe Jonas
After these two starred together in Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, the relationship between them became more than friendly. The couple officially announced their romance in March 2010, but in May Jonas already stated about their split. After that, Lovato exacerbated a long-standing ailment - bipolar disorder. For three months, she was getting help in a Chicago psychological care clinic.
Wilmer Valderrama
Demi first met Wilmer while shooting a PSA for Voto Latino. She was 17, he was 29. The couple didn’t start their romance until she turned 18. Nearly six years later, Lovato took to Twitter and announced that their affair was over. It was a very difficult decision for both partners, but they decided to remain friends.
Odell Beckham Jr.
The couple was seen on several dates. Talks about them ended very quickly.
Luke Rockhold
Straight after Odell Beckham Jr., Lovato started dating the former UFC middleweight champion. There was great sympathy between them, but they both remained open to other relationships. A few months later their story ended, even before it began.
Guilherme Vasconcelos
The couple spent New Year's Eve together. It seemed that Lovato began a serious long-term relationship and there were even rumors of their engagement. In July 2017 they broke up.
Lauren Abedini
Lovato openly stated her sexual orientation. After that, she was seen with DJ and producer Lauren Abedini. Supposedly, she was Demi’s girlfriend. But just a month later, the singer said she was not interested in a serious relationship.
Henry Levy
Lovato and Levy met in rehab and their bad habits united them. Levy helped Lovato stay sober. In March 2019 they decided to end their relationship to focus on their health.
Mike Johnson
Another short affair was with model and The Bachelorette’s contestant Mike Johnson.
Austin Wilson
Demi and Austin knew each other for a long time and at one moment romantic feelings appeared between them. After a few months, they broke up.
Max Ehrich
2020 till present
4 months after breaking up with fashion model Austin, Lovato met a new guy - actor Max Ehrich. The couple does not hide their relationship and they both look happy.
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