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Mariah Carey Boyfriends List (Dating History)

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Mariah Carey

News - Mariah Carey Boyfriends List (Dating History), Mariah Carey is a true legend of the world pop scene. Her bright appearance, soulful vocal and excellent repertoire made the woman one of the most popular and sought-after singers of her time. In addition to her work, we all are interested in Mariah’s love life. So, let’s find out more about her dating history.
Tommy Mottola
Meeting with Tommy Mottola turned Mariah's life upside down. In addition to a working relationship, love arose between the singer and the producer. She married him in 1993 and for several years the couple was inseparable. However, in 1997, Mariah and Tommy decided to divorce. As for the reason for their breakup, Mariah could not continue to live with the man, who controlled everything too much, and they also had disagreements in their work.
Luis Miguel
Mariah spent the next three years with this Latin American singer. As reported, he simply made money on his girlfriend’s popularity and left Mariah at the time when her album sales were declining. Mariah’s friends said in various interviews that after their breakup the singer had a real nervous breakdown.
Eminem repeatedly stated that he had a romance with Mariah for 6 months. But she denied everything. Moreover, they had public fights after the so-called relationship very often and it was really hard to believe that the couple could love each other.
Christian Monzon
Later, the singer began a relationship with actor and model Christian Monzon. Their story was vibrant but not long. Christian was seen in a very romantic scene in one of her videos - Don't Forget About Us. After that everything ended between the two.
Mark Sudack
It was rumored that they had a secret romance around those years. He was the producer of Mariah’s several albums.
Nick Cannon
After a series of unsuccessful novels, Mariah finally found happiness when she met actor and rapper Nick Cannon. Their meeting was on the set of the singer’s video for the single Bye Bye from the album E=MC2. A few months later they legalized their relationship: the wedding of Carey and Cannon was held in the Bahamas. In 2010, Carey shared the good news - she was pregnant. On April 30, 2011, she gave birth to twins - Monroe and Moroccan. It is noteworthy that the birth of the twins coincided with the third anniversary of the couple’s wedding. However, the children could not save the relationship and in May 2014, Mariah filed for divorce.
James Packer
Carey got engaged to billionaire James Packer at the beginning of the year, but in the fall their relationship ended.
Bryan Tanaka
2016-present time
At the end of 2016, the singer confirmed that she had a love affair with one of the dancers from her team. Bryan Tanaka is a handsome young guy, who is 13 years younger than Mariah. Supposedly they are still in a relationship.
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