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Niall Horan Girlfriends List (Dating History)

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Niall Horan

News - Niall Horan Girlfriends List (Dating History), The name of Niall Horan became world-famous after the young performer took part in The X Factor UK in 2010. Rumors about Niall’s romantic affairs constantly appear in the press. However, until now the lead singer of One Direction has not confirmed any of them. Let’s see who it’s all about.
Ellie Goulding
Even though Niall and Ellie were never overtly open about their relationship, we are almost sure there was something bigger than just friendship between them after Ed Sheeran released his song Don’t. Supposedly, it was about Niall and Ellie's affair while Ellie was dating Ed. Later, she described Niall as a very kind guy with a great sense of humor, who was very caring towards her.
Barbara Palvin
Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin, whom Niall even invited to his home to meet his family, became his next rumored girlfriend. After a few months, their romance came to an end because he didn’t dedicate enough time to her. However, later young people denied rumors about their love.
Melissa Whitelaw
Niall and Melissa were first spotted together in early 2015 and their romance lasted until the summer. The girl accompanied him on the tour, but with the end of it, their relationship also ended.
Selena Gomez
At the end of the year, Niall appeared at a dinner at Nobu restaurant in Malibu with Selena Gomez, and a few weeks later the couple was seen hugging each other at a party hosted by their friend. Selena also supported Niall when he performed on The X Factor finale show, but both of them said that they were friends and just big fans of each other’s music.
Hailee Steinfeld
2017- 2018
The holiday season brings people together, and it’s really true. The relationship between Horan and Steinfeld first started when they both performed on the Jingle Ball Tour in 2017. Several months later the couple was spotted hanging out at a Backstreet Boys concert. They looked very happy and there was no doubt they were very close. Neither he nor she gave official statements about what happened between them, but it was love. However, after a while, Steinfeld released her song, titled "Wrong Direction," about the breakup. All fans of the couple immediately understood who she was singing about. Furthermore, she hinted Niall might have been unfaithful.
Amelia Woolley
Niall and Amelia attended a Fourth of July party together and the girl was by his side the entire time. Woolley’s accounts are now set to private, so it’s not known whether she posts any photos with Horan or not. But, according to people close to her, it could be the real deal. Well, let’s see.
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