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Nick Jonas Girlfriends List: Dating History

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Nick Jonas

News - Nick Jonas Girlfriends List: Dating History, It is a well-known fact that Nick Jonas has a long and very interesting dating history. In addition to that, it looks like he has a thing for older women. So, let’s have a closer look at his past relationships and current status.

Miley Cyrus
2006 – 2007

The singer’s first girlfriend was a famous singer and actress whom he met on a set of Hannah Montana. Millions of fans were literally obsessed with them being a couple. However, at that time Nick was 13 and Miley 17. Perhaps, that’s why the union didn’t last long.

Selena Gomez


After the break up with Cyrus, Jonas got romantically involved with another singer. After just a few months of dating, they walked separate ways but reunited in 2010. But once again it fell apart quite quickly that same year.

Courtney Platt

During the first break up with Gomez, the celebrity was linked to a gifted American dancer. But there is no confirmation of their relationship.

Nicole Gale Anderson


Jonas also had an encounter with this American actress. They were spotted together holding hands a few times by paparazzi but surprisingly enough, both denied their relationship.

Delta Goodrem

The artist had been with this British singer for almost a year. Despite the fact that Jonas likes older women, the main reason for their break up was an age gap, as Delta was almost a decade older.

Olivia Cuplo

After Delta, the celebrity began dating a beautiful model and she was one of his longest-term girlfriends. They had been dating till 2016 before calling it quits. As it turned out later, they were really in love with each other but long distance ruined their union.

Kendall Jenner

According to some sources, the artist was said to be with a supermodel and a member of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality TV series. They say, Gigi Hadid, who was dating Nick’s brother Joe, set the two of them up. But it has never been confirmed by either Jonas or Jenner.

Kate Hudson

Jonas met this stunning actress, who is 14 years older in a circle of friends. They started seeing each other and eventually this connection grew into something more. In one of the interviews, Hudson’s mother called Nick a very nice and good person. Even though the couple is no longer together, they remained friends.

Lily Collins

The celebrity briefly dated this model and actress. In the words of Jonas, they had just a few dates which were amazing but it never grew into something more serious.

Priyanka Chopra
2018- present time

The singer walked an Indian actress down the aisle after just five months of dating. Their wedding was extremely beautiful and looked like a real fairy tale. This famous couple looks really adorable!
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