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Boyfriends Zendaya Has Dated | Timeline

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News - Boyfriends Zendaya Has Dated | Timeline, Zendaya is not just a famous American actress, singer and model. A gorgeous combination of beauty, talent and charisma has helped her become a youth idol. Being sincere in her career, she though prefers to keep her personal life in secret. Without a doubt, it is full of rumors and mysteries. Let’s find out where the truth is!
Trevor Jackson
September, 2012 – May, 2016
The former Disney star is keeping silent about her partners. The secret guy was the first love of our star princess. In her interview with Vogue, she mentioned about her painful experience of the first ever dating. Unfortunately, the couple broke up on bad terms. But Zendaya is moving on for sure.
All the media insisted that Trevor was her secret boyfriend. The actors announced this information was fake. Currently, Z no longer follows her ex either on Twitter or on Instagram. They also don’t hang out together. What is the reason? Rumors are still up in arms.
Tom Holland
At the shooting of “Spider-Man: Homing”, Zendaya met Tom Holland, a popular English actor. The young people found common ground soon and became friends. However, several sources started posting the information about their secret romance. Even though guys didn’t confirm that, their relationship often seemed to be too close for fans. Once, the couple decided to play a little trick on journalists. So, Zendaya posted a message on her Twitter page stating that she had not been on vacation for many years. To note, that was a response to publications in the press, which reported on a joint vacation of Spider-Man stars. In turn, Tom decided to clarify as a sign of support and asked the audience if the press tour could be considered in the case.
Jacob Elordi
Another rumored boyfriend on our list is a famous Australian actor, known for his main role in The Kissing Booth. Euphoria co-stars, Zendaya and Jacob first appeared under the fans’ dating radar in August 2019, when they spent a vacation in Athens, Greece. Besides, journalists “catched” the couple on Thanksgiving holidays in Australia, where they even were together with Elordi’s parents. Plus, these talented actors had a movie date in Los Angeles. The available proof is not enough to acknowledge their dating.
Even if all rumors concerning Zendaya's life are far from the truth, she has a special talent to be good friends with different people. Amazed by her communication skills?
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