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Harry Styles Girlfriends List (Dating History)

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Harry Styles

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00:19 Caroline Flack
00:46 Emma Ostilly
01:03 Emily Atack
01:20 Caggie Dunlop
01:33 Taylor Swift
01:57 Nicole Scherzinger
02:11 Kimberly Stewart
02:27 Kendall Jenner
02:41 Erin Foster
02:56 Nadine Leopold
03:13 Sara Sampaio
03:28 Georgia Fowler
03:39 Kendall Jenner for the second time
03:57 Pandora Lennard
04:09 Tess Ward
04:22 Camille Rowe
04:44 Kiko Mizuhara

A handsome and talented singer Harry Styles has quite an exciting dating history, as she is handsome, fun and intelligent. So, no wonder the list of his exes is so long. It includes models, actresses and other well-known women. Let’s have a closer look at them!

Caroline Flack

She is a popular presenter, who worked on the X-Factor, where she met a future star. In her autobiography she stated that once Harry was noticed coming out of her house and people immediately started calling her a pervert or a pedophile because he was just 17 at that time and she was 15 years older. Negative public attention and reaction on their affair made the two split.

Emma Ostilly

The romance between the singer and a model started in 2012 when they were seen kissing in New Zealand. After that she featured in One Direction’s music video. However, it never turned into something serious and quickly led to a break up.

Emily Atack

After Ostilly, the artist moved on with a British actress Atack. In an interview with Reveal Magazine, Emily stated that they never were a boyfriend and girlfriend. It was just a short-lived fling with a bit of fun.

Caggie Dunlop

Well, looks like 2012 was quite busy for Harry. That same year he also briefly dated a star of the reality show called Made in Chelsea.

Taylor Swift
2012 – 2013

The two pop stars got romantically involved in late 2012. They were spotted together in Central Park and many other places. For the pity of millions of their fans, the relationship ended within less than a year. And moreover, it tanked not on the best of terms. After that Swift wrote a couple of songs that are most probably dedicated to Styles.

Nicole Scherzinger

Another short-term hook up was a lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. At that time Nicole was on a break from her partner Lewis Hamilton and so, didn’t mind having a fling with Harry.

Kimberly Stewart

Perhaps, no one would even know about their romance if Kimberly’s father didn’t spill the tea. He mentioned seeing the artist’s car in his driveway one morning. He also added that Harry was a very kind and funny guy.

Kendall Jenner
2013 – 2014

At first, everyone thought that these two were just friends until they were not spotted having dinner in one of LA restaurants. Nonetheless, the union didn’t last long and they called it quits within a year.

Erin Foster

The rumors of Harry and Erin's relationship began flying after they were seen together at a pumpkin patch. Good or not but they went separate ways very quickly. Perhaps, the 12-year age gap played its role.

Nadine Leopold
2014 – 2015

It is no secret that Styles is into models and Leopold is a Victoria’s Secret runway model. They were linked together after several dates. It looked like everything was serious between the two until their sudden split in March 2015.

Sara Sampaio

She is another model of a Portuguese origin Harry had romantic feelings for. They were photographed together entering the hotel and the next morning, Sara left it, wearing the same clothes.

Georgia Fowler
October 2015

The singer and a model briefly dated in 2015. Georgia posted a video on her Snapchat showing how they played games together.

Kendall Jenner
2015 – 2016

These two love birds reunited in 2015 and spent the New Year together on a yacht. After that they were seen shopping together in LA as well as having dinner. Whatever it was but their relationship status wasn’t confirmed.

Pandora Lennard
January 2016

During the reunion with Kendall, Harry was seen leaving Lennard’s house after spending the night there. We do really hope that it was just a rumor and there was no cheating thing.

Tess Ward

She is a food-blogger and a chef, who had a short affair with Styles. She left him after a few months to be with her ex.

Camille Rowe
2017 – 2018

She is another Victoria’s Secret model the performer had been with. The two were going strong as a couple and Styles even introduced her to parents. Unfortunately, they broke up after a year of being together. Despite the split, they remained close friends and can be often seen together, grabbing lunch or having a walk.

Kiko Mizuhara

Kiko is a high-fashion Japanese-American model. When rumors about their relationship started spreading, she quickly shut them down, saying she didn’t know Styles. But she was then seen at the singer’s 25th birthday that he celebrated in Tokyo. Maybe they were not hugging or kissing but it was obvious that they knew each other.
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