Melanie Martinez

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Melanie Martinez Boyfriends List (Dating History)

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Melanie Martinez

News - Melanie Martinez Boyfriends List (Dating History), Melanie Martinez is an American singer, songwriter, photographer, and music video director. She first appeared in public in the singing reality show The Voice in 2012. She immediately won the sympathy of the audience. What about Melanie’s love life? Here’s whom she dated.
Vinnie DiCarlo
Martinez and DiCarlo had a short relationship. He appeared in the I Think I'm Crazy music video, filmed and edited the video for Melanie's cover of Creep, and did one photoshoot with Melanie for Little Body Big Heart Photography.
Jared Dylan
2012- 2013
After DiCarlo, Melanie dated singer-songwriter, producer, and musician Jared Dylan. He also worked with Melanie Martinez on several of her songs.
Edwin Zabala
In the same year, the singer had a romance with actor Edwin Zabala. Their relationship was short-termed, but it seemed that Martinez broke the guy’s heart. Zabala blocked Melanie’s fan accounts on Instagram and she in turn unfollowed him. Presumably, it was he who uploaded her naked photos to the Internet a year later.
Miles Nasta
Somewhere between 2010-2015
Nasta was Martinez’s drummer. They got acquainted thanks to their common friend Mike Squillante. The two worked together on her song Half Hearted and had a short love affair. Despite their split, Melanie and Miles remained good friends. Furthermore, they once owned a merchandise company called Milk Man.
Timothy Heller
Somewhere between 2010-2015
Until 2017, Melanie Martinez preferred not to talk about events in her personal life, but after accusations of sexual assault, she found it difficult to hide anything. Her ex-girlfriend, Timothy Heller, decided to reveal some details from their relationship a few years after the breakup. However, the fans of the singer did not believe that she could have done something like that and wrote words of support under some of her photos on Twitter and Instagram. In response, Martinez said that she opposed intimacy without consent.
Michael Keenan
2015 – 2019
Melanie was dating music producer Michael Keenan for about four years. Michael and Melanie have worked together on her songs Gingerbread Man and Crybaby. They didn’t hide their love and everyone saw that the couple had a really tight relationship as they often posted pictures of each other on Instagram and Twitter. Martinez often said that he was an ideal man for her, but their story ended.
Oliver Tree
October 2019 – present time
The relationship between Martinez and singer Oliver Tree started at the end of the 2019 and they are currently together. The couple seems to be very happy.
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