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Vanessa Hudgens Boyfriends List: Dating History

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Vanessa Hudgens

News - Vanessa Hudgens Boyfriends List: Dating History, It is no secret that a gifted movie star Vanessa Hudgens is apparently single right now. But the list of her ex-boyfriends is not that short and she can boast of really long-term relationships. So, let’s take a look at her dating history.

Zac Efron
2005- 2010

The two actors first met back in 2005 on a set of a High School Musical, where they were co-stars. At that time they were just teens and so, the chemistry quickly sparked between the two. They had their ups and downs throughout the years but they have always managed to stay professional. In one of the interviews, Vanessa shared that dating Zac really made a difference in her life, as everything was almost always smooth and organic. When they suddenly announced their breakup in 2010, millions of fans hoped for a reunion but as the actress said – that’s definitely not going to happen. Nowadays, they are not in touch and lost any contact.

Josh Hutcherson

Soon after the split with Efron, Hudgens was rumored to be romantically involved with another actor. Josh and Vanessa are talented Hollywood film performers and both of them played in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. After that, many publications claimed they were a couple. Later, the movie stars gave an interview to The Daily Mail, where Hutcherson mentioned that his heart was broken but in a joking way. Many people still believe that they were just good friends.

Austin Butler
2011- 2019

The relationship between these two love birds started when Vanessa was 22 and Austin 19. During almost 9 years of being together, they have worked really hard on their couple and both of them have changed a lot. In an interview to the Women’s Health of 2018, the celebrity admitted that she would really like to marry Austin, have kids with him and travel the world but she is not in a rush. Everyone’s clock is different and they respect each other’s wishes. This couple had been really going strong for many years until they realized that they stayed together out of habit but not feelings. In addition, they wanted completely different things in life. Finally, their working schedules were so busy that they simply couldn’t find time for each other. Their long-term union broke up in 2019 but they still care for each other.
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