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Celine Dion Boyfriends List (Dating History)

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Celine Dion

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A worldwide known singer Celine Dion has one of the most beautiful voices ever. So, no wonder she has millions of fans across the globe. Many men were and still are attracted to her but her heart still belongs to the one and only man in her life.

Rene Angelil
1988 - 2016

The celebrity’s career boomed at a quite young age. When she turned 12, her parents decided to record a few songs and send them to Angelil, who was a renowned producer in Canada. He was really amazed by a young starlet’s skills and even took a mortgage on his house to begin her career.
The two love birds began dating when Rene was 45 and a rising star only 19. They did their best to keep this relationship from the public eye and it worked. In 1991 they secretly got engaged and in 1994 announced their wedding that happened that same year. The ceremony took place in Montreal and was even broadcasted live.
However, not everyone was happy for this union. The celebrity’s mother had a problem of her daughter being with a man, who is 26 years older. But this issue was solved as their love was obvious, natural and real.
As any other newly created family, Celine and Rene wanted to have kids but faced certain troubles conceiving. They had been trying to have a baby for several years in a row and finally their firstborn Rene Charles drew his first breath. After that the singer had several miscarriages until she finally gave birth to twins.
The first problems in paradise happened in 1999 when a music producer was diagnosed with cancer. After two years of fighting with the disease, he went back to normal. Unfortunately, in 2014 the throat cancer was back and the artist cancelled all her tours to be with the spouse.
Angelil passed away in 2016 being 73 years old. His death was a big tragedy for the whole family. He had been together with the singer for 28 years with 21 of them being a married couple.

Pepe Munoz

He is a Spanish illustrator, who shares a tight bond with the celebrity. In accordance with some publications, Pepe has been close with the singer since the death of her husband. It was added that he kept her close, isolating her from friends and making her listen to everything he said. From the other side, there are sources that defend Munoz and one of them is Celine Dion herself. In an interview with Extra she explained that Pepe is her gay friend, who helped her mentally, physically and spiritually to cope with a loss of beloved Rene.
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