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Liam Payne Girlfriends Ex and Now: Dating History

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Liam Payne

News - Liam Payne Girlfriends Ex and Now: Dating History, Since the establishment of a boys band One Direction, Liam Payne’s personal life has always been interesting to millions of girls worldwide. How many women has he been in a relationship with? And who is he dating today? Let’s find out everything about his past and present right now!

Danielle Peazer

The relationship between Liam and Danielle were long-lasting and very exciting for both of them. However, while Payne was developing his singing career, touring around the globe, Peazer was growing professionally as a dancer and model. Their busy lives didn’t leave them a chance for a nice future together.

Sophia Smith

It would be surprising to know that they studied at the same school and were childhood friends. It looked like everything was fine between the two until they suddenly called it quits after two years of dating. During one of the interviews, the artist shared that long distance played its role and they both made a decision to stay friends.


A famous singer first met Payne when he was 14, at an audition for The X Factor, where she was a judge. In 2016 began appearing rumors about their romantic feelings, which turned out to be truthful. In 2017 the couple became parents to a baby-boy, who they named Bear. Unfortunately, in 2018 this beautiful union broke up for unknown reasons.

Cairo Dwek
August 2018

According to some sources, the singer can be linked to this model, as they were spotted dancing together on Snapchat. But this relationship has never been confirmed and most probably it was just fun for both of them.

Maya Henry
August 2018- present time

Six weeks after the break up with Cheryl, the celebrity was spotted with a new girlfriend. She is a model, who rose to fame after a multi-million dollar party that was organized for her 15th Birthday. In his words, she brought him happiness back and he just loves spending time with her. The two love birds often share common pictures together on social media and it seems like they are really in love with each other. Also, they visit public events and red carpets together.

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