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Selena Gomez Boyfriends List: Dating History

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Selena Gomez

News - Selena Gomez Boyfriends List: Dating History, A famous singer Selena Gomez was linked to quite a few famous men. And no wonder why, since she is really gorgeous and talented. So, let’s see who she really dated and who was with her just according to the rumors.

Taylor Lautner

The celebrities first met in early 2009 in Canada, where Selena was working on Ramona and Beezus, while Taylor was filming New Moon. They had been together for a few months and broke up as soon as they were done with work in Vancouver. However, it is obvious that they remained friends, as they post mutual pictures on social media from time to time.

Cameron Quiseng

There appeared some speculations about these two love birds dating when they were noticed playing bowling. Some publications stated that it was a real date, whereas others claim they were just good friends. That’s why it still remains unclear whether they ever actually dated.

Justin Bieber
December 2010 – April 2014

The two artists were first linked together in the end of 2010. According to Us Weekly, they were noticed having a date at IHOP. But both of them denied any romantic feelings. Nonetheless, they then began appearing at various public events together, which only proved that they were a couple. Things went south for these two in 2014 when Gomez found Kylie Jenner’s photos on Bieber’s phone. This led to a breakup and her new boyfriend.

Orlando Bloom
April 2014

The two of them were seen flirting at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Some sources said, they hooked up just to make Bieber jealous, whereas in fact, there wasn’t any romance.

Justin Bieber
June – October 2014

In summer Justin uploaded a picture on Instagram, saying that his and Selena’s love is unconditional. However, they didn’t manage to last long and within a couple of months walked separate ways once again. They say, Kendall Jenner was the main reason for the split.

January – March 2015

At first, the singers worked on music together and dropped a song I Want You To Know. But it didn’t take fans long to understand what was really happening. Even though they had been romantically together for just three months, it made Zedd feel very uncomfortable after the relationship was over. His phones were hacked, reporters called his parents, etc.

Niall Horan
December 2015

The rumors began swirling after they were spotted kissing and hugging at Jenna Dewan’s birthday party. Then they were seen on a couple of romantic dinners and Selena even went to London to support the One Direction member. In the interviews she was giving, she friend-zoned Niall, claiming they were nothing more than friends.

Samuel Krost
January 2016

The couple briefly dated in the beginning of 2016. They were photographed cuddling and holding hands many times, which gave everyone a thought that they were together. They even went on vacation to Costa Rica. After the split, Krost confirmed their relationship on Instagram but then deleted that post.

Charlie Puth
March 2016

Both of them collaborated on Puth’s song called We Don’t Talk Anymore. Even though they denied being an item at first, Charlie then eventually confirmed to Billboard that it was a very short-lived but impactful relationship.

Orlando Bloom
May 2016

The actor got back in Gomez’s life once again when they were seen cuddling at a launch party in Las Vegas. However, at that time Bloom was dating Katy Perry who quickly squashed the rumors of Selena and Orlando being together.

The Weeknd
January – October 2017

The singers broke the Internet after they were seen kissing in Santa Monica. Then they traveled to Italy and became an official couple in spring of 2017. They were simply inseparable and even got a cute puppy. Their love lasted 10 months until they broke up. The main reason for it was the fact that the singer started seeing one of her ex-boyfriends again.

Justin Bieber
October 2017 – March 2018

The iconic couple got back together and it didn’t take them long to make it clear for everyone that they were dating. The love story fell apart for the third time as Justin fell in love with a model Hailey Baldwin, who he married in autumn of 2018.

Niall Horan
October 2019

The two love birds were seen multiple times hanging out in groups but they were often very close to each other with his hand being around her waist. Nothing is official as yet, so let’s just wait and see!
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