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Boyfriends Dua Lipa Has Dated

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Dua Lipa

News - Boyfriends Dua Lipa Has Dated, A British singer and a songwriter Dua Lipa is not only a gifted artist, but also a truly charming young woman. The 24-years-old singer has a rich private life and a number of famous men among her exes and rumoured partners. So, who has Dua Lipa dated and who is her current boyfriend?

Isaac Carew
2015 – June 2019
He seems to be the first known Lipa’s boyfriend since she has become known worldwide. 33-years-old chief and fashion model had been dating Dua Lipa from 2015 (some sources say 2013) until their breakup in 2017. However, the couple appeared in public together in 2018 and admitted that they had started over, but in summer 2019 they made their final decision to split up. The main reason for them to separate was obviously Isaac Carew caught cheating on his girlfriend in a club with Dua’s song playing in the background. There are no excuses for such villainy!

Paul Klein
Summer 2017 – January 2018
While the Lipa’s relationship with Carew didn’t seem to go well, she had an affair with a musician from LANY band, which barely lasted half a year. The two sweethearts shared numerous photos together on social media. Although the couple was adored by their followers, their relationship didn’t end up happily. Dua Lipa broke her own rules, known by fans from hersong “New rules”, and got back together with her ex. As we have mentioned, things didn’t go well either.

Anwar Hadid
June 2019 – present time
After two unsuccessful attempts to build a strong relationship, pop singer met Anwar Hadid, the younger brother of supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid. Dua and Gigi are friends, so it’s not surprising the singer got acquainted with the model’s sibling. Anwar and Dua were rumoured to date since mid-summer 2019 after they were spotted several times together by paparazzi. Nevertheless, the couple tried to keep it low key and didn’t give any comments on their relationship until it was impossible to hide it. At present, Lipa and Hadid often attend public events together and openly demonstrate their happiness. Despite the fact that Anwar is three years younger, the two seem to enjoy each other’s company pretty much.
Besides the relationships mentioned, the celebrity was also rumoured to have had a hookup with Chris Martin, the frontman of the Coldplay band. The two were seen kissing at a festival in 2017, but things didn’t get serious between them.

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